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Orient Taiwan Gear Industry CO.LTD is a company dedicated to "OTG" brand

Micro AC, small ac, micro dc speed gear motor design, manufacturing, sales as one of professional factories, our product range including induction motor, reversible motor, torque motor, brake motor, dc motor, micro gear box, small gear box, etc., can be ordered according to customer's actual use of non-standard design and production. We are commited to competitive price, perfect sales service network and dedicated proffessional team, commited to become a good manufacturer of gear speed reducer.


OTG Helical Compact Gear Motor Foot Mounted

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OTG Helical Compact Gear Motor Flange Mounted

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OTG Small vs Motor

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OTG Small Round Shaft Motor

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OTG Small Brake Motor

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OTG Gear Head

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OTG vs Controller LED display UX type

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OTG vs Controller US type

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OTG vs Controller Open SS Type

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Founded in 1975, LITEON embraces being “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies” as its vision to focus on the development of optoelectronics and key electronic components, and strives to build up competitive edge through resource integration and optimized management.

LITEON produces products that are used in a broad range of applications, such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, cloud computing as well as healthcare. LITEON is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronics, information technology and storage devices components.


LITE-ON Inverter EVO6000

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LITE-ON Inverter EVO6800

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LITE ON Inverter EVO 8000

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Cyclo Drive


Varitron is the power transmission manufacturing company that helps machines to come to alive. We have been challenging speed to help embed excellence motion into the machines and bring factory to live.

That means reliable and durable products from Varitron is needed for our customers to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.

Pioneer towards 50 years Varitron started from a gear reducer factory in Taiwan to a global manufacturing excellence cooperation in cyclo drive, gear motor, precise planetary, gearbox and other power transmission parts. Throughout the years we provide customer solutions for power transmission needs with introducing innovation and durable products. Varitron organized everything you need to drive performance for your systems: A superior family of products, unsurpassed engineering, technical support, and innovative new technologies. We invite you to experience the Varitron difference.

Energy saving three phase asynchronous motor


High Efficiency / Premium Efficiency

The BZC motor is designed to meet the requirements of the national energy saving and market needs research send hight-efficiency motors, hight efficiency, low noise, high torque, good starting performance, structure compact, easy to use and maintain. This series of motors used in various fields of national economy; such as machine beds, pumps, fans compressors, etc., can also be used for transport, mixing printing, agricultural, food and other class does not contain flammable, explosive or corrosive gas.


Foot Mounted Motor B3

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Foot Mounted Motor B3

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Flange Mounted Motor B5

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Alumunium Flange Mounted Motor

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Bonzer Alumunium Motor

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Bonzer Vibrator

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Bonzer Rotary Vibrator New Type BMV Series

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Helical Gear Head


Transmission system products to suit all demands

Quality products are guaranteed as we import our goods from world class standard manufacturers which are widely accepted by users. We distribute a variety of top quality products to suit all the industrial sector demands along with the best pre and post sales service. Our staff are more than welcome to provide warm consultations and suggestions for our customers’ highest satisfaction.

Tatsu MFG.CO., LTD Japan


Suspension electric chain hoist

Heavy duty and safety, silent operation, durable, japan technology


Tatsu TLE Type

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